Gubernatorial Candidates for June 5, 2018

Twenty-seven candidates from five parties are competing for two spots on the ballot to succeed term-limited Gov. Jerry Brown (D) in a June 5th top-two primary. The two candidates with the most votes, regardless of political party, will move on to the General Election in November.

These guides provide you with concise descriptions of the candidates including official voter information, top issues, professional background, opinion polls, political endorsements, official campaign websites, and financial contribution records. See our Gubernatorial Endorsements page for positions on the candidates by major organizations. The Official Voter Guide and information on the Lieutenant Governor race is available from the Secretary of State. 

The candidates below have been selected for coverage because they are top performers in statewide voter polling. Click here to view the full list of candidates.

Semi-Official Election Results:

Gavin Newsom (D): 1,344,128 [33.32%]
John Cox (R): 1,057,066 [26.21%]


Public Policy Advisor
Democratic Party
Educator/Youth Advocate
Democratic Party
Lieutenant Governor of California
Democratic Party
California State Treasurer
Democratic Party
Businessman/Taxpayer Advocate
Republican Party
California Assemblyman/Businessman
Republican Party
Entrepreneur/Transhumanist Lecturer
Libertarian Party
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