Measure US

Long Beach Oil Production Tax

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CITY OF LONG BEACH—Would increase Long Beach’s general oil production tax from fifteen cents (15¢) per barrel to a maximum of thirty cents (30¢) per barrel, subject to annual adjustments, to provide funding for community healthcare services; air/water quality and climate change programs; increase childhood education and youth programs; expand job training opportunities; and maintain other general fund programs, with audits and local control of how the funds are spent. Measure US requires simple majority (50% + 1) to pass.

Fiscal Impact: Would generate approximately $1.6 million in additional revenue annually until ended by voters.



Proponents of Measure US argue the measure will require oil companies to pay their fair share in revenue, and that Long Beach would use the funds for community programs that address health inequities, including the impact of COVID-19 on people of color; early childhood education, youth development, and violence prevention; job training opportunities; and air, water quality, and environmental justice programs.

A YES vote on this measure means: Long Beach’s general oil production tax would increase from the current 15¢ per barrel to a maximum of 30¢ per barrel until ended by voters. (Campaign Website)


No argument in opposition to Measure US has been submitted.

A NO vote on this measure means: Long Beach’s general oil production tax would remain at the current 15¢ per barrel.

In Depth
In Depth:

Measure US would amend the Long Beach Municipal Code to increase the City's general purpose oil barrel production tax from 15 cents up to a maximum of 30 cents per barrel, with the entire amount subject to automatic annual adjustments based on the applicable Consumer Price Index (CPI). The measure was placed on the ballot by the Long Beach City Council.

The general purpose barrel tax was separately adopted and is in addition to the City's special purpose barrel tax, which is currently set at 33 cents per barrel. Revenues from the special tax are separately deposited in the City's "Police and Fire Public Safety Oil Production Act Fund" and may only be used for public safety purposes. Measure US would not affect the special purpose barrel tax in any way.

An increase in the general purpose barrel tax, as proposed by Measure US, is estimated to generate $1.6 million in additional annual revenue which can be spent to fund general City services.

How the Increased Oil Production Tax Rate Compares to Other Cities

Source: Long Beach City Manager's Analysis of Measure US

Measure US includes the requirement that the barrel tax rate cannot increase beyond the maximum 30 cents per barrel, as annually adjusted for CPI, without voter approval. However, the measure would authorize the Council to adjust the rate between 0 cents and the maximum, without requiring a further vote of the people. If approved by voters, the measure would take effect October 1, 2021.

Source: Long Beach City Attorney's Impartial Analysis of Measure US 

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