Proposition 62

Death Penalty. Initiative Statute.
California Ballot Propositions - November 8th 2016

Repeals death penalty and replaces it with life imprisonment without possibility of parole. Applies retroactively to existing death sentences. Increases the portion of life inmates' wages that may be applied to victim restitution. Fiscal Impact: Net ongoing reduction in state and county criminal justice costs of around $150 million annually within a few years, although the impact could vary by tens of millions of dollars depending on various factors.

Proposition 62 and Proposition 66 are competing initiatives on the same topic. If both should receive a majority of the vote, the initiative receiving the most votes would prevail.

Semi-Official Election Results:

Yes votes: 3,958,001 [46.1%]

No votes: 4,636,796 [53.9%]


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