Measure A

Sacramento County Sales Tax for Transportation

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ALL OF SACRAMENTO COUNTY—Would raise Sacramento County’s sales tax by 0.5% in order to fund transportation projects as well as services including road maintenance, the creation of new roads and the expansion of light rail and transit services. Measure A requires a simple majority (50% + 1) to pass.

Fiscal Impact: Would generate approximately $212.5 million annually or $8.5 billion total over the 40 years it is in effect.

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Official arguments for this measure are not currently available. They will be added once they are available.

A YES vote on this measure means: The county sales tax would be raised by 0.5% to fund transportation projects.


Opponents of Measure A argue that it is bankrolled by wealthy special interests who want taxpayers to pay for new roads so they can build expensive homes on undeveloped land, taking valuable infrastructure investment away from the metropolitan area and underserved communities. They argue that analysis shows that if Measure A passes, the region will likely not meet its state mandated climate goals, which also jeopardizes the region’s ability to compete for critical state and federal funds for affordable housing and infrastructure. 

A NO vote on this measure means: The county sales tax would not be raised by 0.5% to fund transportation projects. (Campaign Website)

In Depth

Measure A is a district ordinance proposed by a citizens’ initiative petition signed by the requisite number of voters and submitted by the Sacramento Transportation Authority (“STA”), without alteration, to the voters. Measure A would impose a retail transactions and use tax (sales tax) within Sacramento County of one-half of one percent for a period of 40 years from April 1, 2023, to March 31, 2063, for the purpose of financing certain transportation projects and services. This sales tax would be in addition to the existing one-half of one percent transportation sales tax adopted by the voters in 2004, which is set to expire in 2039. The proceeds of this tax will be used to fund “Off the Top” project expenditures to be directly allocated to recipient agencies in the following maximum amounts: $64 million to Sacramento County for preservation, maintenance and safety of the American River Parkway, $20 million to the City of Sacramento for development of a Regional Mobility Center, $8 million to Sacramento Area Council of Governments for distribution to transportation management agencies in Sacramento County, $80 million to the San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission for the Altamont Corridor Express service, and $40 million to the City of Sacramento for the Sacramento Intermodal Transportation Facility.

All remaining revenue must be used to fund local street and road repairs and improvements (47.25%), Sacramento Regional Transit (“Sac RT”) light rail and bus vehicle replacement, operations and maintenance (25.11%), congestion relief improvements (22.43%), senior and disabled transportation services (3.05%), and Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District air quality programs (2.16%). The maximum that can be spent on STA administration is 1% of Measure A tax proceeds.

Each recipient agency must annually prepare and adopt a five-year program that is approved by the STA Board. Expenditures for the first five years shall prioritize “Fix It First” road, transit, bicycle and pedestrian investments. During this five-year period, not less than 90% of the funds identified in the local street and road repairs and improvement fund shall be used exclusively by all recipient cities and the County of Sacramento to improve streets, roads and bridges to specified levels. During this fiveyear period, a portion of the funds allocated to Sac RT shall be used exclusively by Sac RT for “Fix It First” bus and light rail vehicle replacement, operations, maintenance and security for existing services, and Sac RT shall meet specified performance metrics.

The text of the Transportation Expenditure Plan is set forth in the sample ballot pamphlet for this election.

Source: County Counsel's Impartial Analysis of Measure A

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