Measure K

San Bernardino County Supervisor Compensation Reduction and Term Limits

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ALL SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY—Would change the term limit for the elected office of County Supervisor from three consecutive terms to one, commencing with any term of office that begins in December 2020; and establishes the maximum compensation of each County Supervisor to a total of $5,000 per month, including salary and benefits. Measure K requires a simple majority (50% + 1) to pass.

Fiscal Impact: No fiscal impact for Measure K has been submitted.

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Proponents of Measure K argue that Supervisors have approved ever-increasing fees, fines, and taxes on the public while collecting a salary and benefits package of over $250,000 annually—nearly six times the median income of San Bernardino working families. They argue that term limits and reduced salaries will attract representatives interested in public service and committed to following the will of the people.

A YES vote on this measure means: The Board of Supervisors will be limited to serving only one term, effective December 2020, and their compensation will be capped at $5,000 per month, while preventing any change to the compensation provisions without a vote by the people at a general election.


Opponents of Measure K argue that the measure will result in less representation for residents of San Bernardino County and the one-term proposal will reduce the Board of Supervisors’ accountability to the public as voters will never have an opportunity to voice their approval or disapproval of an elected representative’s time in office. They argue that the current three-term limit ensures that members of the Board of Supervisors act in the interest of their constituents and not the other way around.

A NO vote on this measure means: The San Bernardino County Charter will remain as it is currently written, providing for a term limit of three consecutive terms and setting annual compensation for Supervisors (including salary and benefits) at the average of the compensation payable to members of the Board of Supervisors in the counties of Riverside, Orange, and San Diego.

In Depth
In Depth:

Measure K amends the County Charter related to term limits and compensation of the members of the Board of Supervisors. The County’s existing Charter provides a term limit of three consecutive four-year terms, and Measure K would limit each Supervisor to one four-year term effective December 2020.

The existing Charter provides for the annual compensation of Supervisors (including salaries and benefits) to be set by, but never exceed, the average of compensation payable to members of the Board of Supervisors in the counties of Riverside, Orange, and San Diego. Measure K would amend the Charter to set total compensation for each Supervisor at $5,000 per month. Measure K also provides that these compensation provisions cannot be changed except by a vote of the people at the time of a general election.

Measure K was placed on the ballot by an initiative petition signed by the requisite number of voters.

Source: County Counsel's Impartial Analysis of Measure K

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