Ballot Measures for November 8, 2022

Click any of the links below to find ballot measures resources, including brief descriptions, non-partisan analyses, pro-and-con websites, newspaper articles and editorials, opinion polls, political endorsements, financial-contribution records, and official voter information and background materials. To view a table summarizing positions on the propositions by major organizations, see our Ballot Measure Endorsements page.

Overviews and arguments for and against each proposition have been taken from the Official Voter Guide (PDF) available from the Secretary of State.

Final election results will be included on the individual Proposition pages after the election on November 8, 2022. Endorsements are updated as they are made available.

Constitutional Right to Reproductive Freedom
Allows In-Person Roulette, Dice Games, Sports Wagering on Tribal Lands
Allows Online and Mobile Sports Wagering Outside Tribal Lands
Provides Additional Funding for Arts and Music Education in Public Schools
Requires On-Site Licensed Medical Professional at Kidney Dialysis Clinics and Establishes Other State Requirements
Provides Funding for Programs to Reduce Air Pollution and Prevent Wildfires by Increasing Tax on Personal Income Over $2 Million
Referendum on 2020 Law That Would Prohibit the Retail Sale of Certain Flavored Tobacco Products
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