Proposition 10

Allow Expanded Rent Control on Residential Property

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Would repeal a state law (Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act) that currently restricts the scope of rent control policies that cities and other local jurisdictions may impose on residential property. Proposition 10 is an initiative statute.

Fiscal Impact: Would result in a potential net reduction in state and local revenues of tens of millions of dollars per year in the long term. Depending on actions by local communities, revenue losses could be less or considerably more.

Semi-official results:

Yes: 1,490,154 (35.7%)

No: 2,682,537 (64.3%)



Proponents of Proposition 10 argue that it restores authority to establish rent control in local communities, putting fair, annual limits on the amount landlords can raise rent. This keeps tenants in their homes rather than being pushed far away or into homelessness.

A YES vote on this measure means: State law would not limit the kinds of rent control laws cities and counties could have.


Opponents of Proposition 10 argue that it will make the housing crisis worse, not better, and say that affordable housing advocates agree that Prop. 10 is bad for renters and homeowners. Opponents also argue that the measure allows regulation of single-family homes and puts bureaucrats in charge of housing by letting them add fees on top of rent.

A NO vote on this measure means: State law would continue to limit the kinds of rent control laws cities and counties could have.

In Depth


Rental Housing Is Expensive in California. Renters in California typically pay 50 percent more for housing than renters in other states. In some parts of the state, rent costs are more than double the national average. Rent is high in California because the state does not have enough housing for everyone who wants to live here. People who want to live here must compete for housing, which increases rents.

Several Cities Have Rent Control Laws. Several California cities—including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Jose—have laws that limit how much landlords can increase rents for housing from one year to the next. These laws often are called rent control. About one-fifth of Californians live in cities with rent control. Local rent boards administer rent control. These boards are funded through fees on landlords.

State Law Limits Local Rent Control. A state law, known as the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act (Costa-Hawkins), limits local rent control laws. Costa-Hawkins creates three main limitations. First, rent control cannot apply to any single-family homes. Second, rent control can never apply to any newly built housing completed on or after February 1, 1995. Third, rent control laws cannot tell landlords what they can charge a new renter when first moving in.

Proposition 10 Proposal

Repeals Costa-Hawkins. The measure repeals the limits on local rent control laws in Costa-Hawkins. Under the measure, cities and counties can regulate rents for any housing. They also can limit how much a landlord may increase rents when a new renter moves in. The measure itself does not make any changes to local rent control laws. With a few exceptions, cities and counties would have to take separate actions to change their local laws.

Requires Fair Rate of Return. The measure requires that rent control laws allow landlords a fair rate of return. This puts the results of past court rulings into state law.

Source: LAO Analysis of Proposition 10


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